Text písně 1000 Miles

1000 miles away from you
I’m dreaming of us ‘cause you make me feel blue
1000 miles away from you
We cherish our love after all we`ve been through

Oh I love you - more then words can say
Oh I need you - every hour of the day
Oh I want you - guide me on my way
Oh I miss you - more then I can say

The rain is pouring down the pane
I miss you so
My promise is here for good
Here on my own, I’m longing for being with you

I remember every hour, every day
How do you do, what’s your name
Was all that I could say
I remember all the butterflies I felt
I made you laugh, I made you smile
And then my heart just melted away and
Now I know

When I think of our past, I know our love will last
I know our love will last

Time is running fast and now our love has grown
You’re still the one, I so adore
And this is what I know
Now I’m looking back at all those memories
I see the day, when we have met
‘Cause then my life has changed, you set me
Set me free


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