Text písně Alabao

When I´m with you a chain reaction
Like a rush of satisfaction
Suddenly coming over me
Your eyes telling me that you hold the key
The key to unlock my fantasies
Baby this is where I want to be
My heart is beating so hard; it´s frightening
Feels like I´m hit by lightening
Every time I watch you move
You´re so in tune with your body
And I can see that no one else will do
Cause I´m so into you

Alabao, you got the touch
Alabao, you got the motion
Alabao, just can´t hold back any more
Alabao, you lift me up
Alabao, you knock me down
Alabao, you´re the one that I adore

You can take care of my affliction
Satisfy my addiction
You know what you have to do
When your body wants my affection
You take me in a new direction
One where there´s only you and me
And there we rise to the moment
And I can feel your love all around me
Now it´s time to give it all

Chorus: #

Just look in your eyes and I´m in heaven
There´s so much that I want; I go insane
Take me here, make me yours now and forever
I can take all the pleasure and the pain

Chorus: #  (2)