All That I Got (The Make Up Song)

Text písně All That I Got (The Make Up Song)

Verse1:baby,baby when you´re looking deep into my eyes
I know you´re seeing past my make-up
Into the little girl that used to hide out and cry
When her parents fought
Tryin´ to be strong
B-Section:you can see the hurt in me
The cover ups so secretly
And all that I aspire to be
You see,you see
You know who I really am
No entourage or caravan
And do u even give me a damn
All about that ,tell me
*chorus*:would you love me if I didnt work out or I didnt change my natural hair
I could be the one you could grow older with,baby
I´ll give you all that I got
Verse2:see,I dont mean to scare you now and push you away
Cuz I´m not tryin´ to rush anything
but when i look into your eyes I´m in the picture too
B-section:like a happy family three
We´re together costantly
This could be eventually
We´ll see,we´ll see
But all that I have got to know
Is with me baby you will grow
Through sun and rain and heavy snow
Oh tell me so now baby
*chorus* x2
Bridge (rap Will.I.Am):it´s as simple as one and two
I´m in love with you
And three and four
You´re all I adore
To the seven and height
See I´ve been making mistakes
Cuz when you´re on my mind
I just cant think straight
Back to the five and six
I´m all in the mix and Im all into you
Without the lipstick
Without the L´Oreal
You remain the same angel that I fell for you
For real,for real
*chorus* x 5


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