All you have to offer

Text písně All you have to offer

Hey - what is it with you today?
You know you shine
you know you glow
Don´t drag yourself down

Just listen
to what I have to say
If not tomorrow
you´ll soon be on your way

If this is all you have to offer
I think I´ll pass
If this is all you have to show for
It´ll never last

Hey - what if you put all things aside?
And say, hey -
It´s time to kiss self-pity (good)bye

`Cause it feels good
just knowing you´re OK
and not somebody
lost along the way

If this is all...

(chorus SOLO)

But, hey - I think you need to calm down
Seems like your mouth has got it´s own mind
Or maybe it is me...

`Cause I love you
but you´re ruinin´ my smile
You´re like a sad song
that I´ve been playin´ for a while

If this is all...

If this is all...


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