Ballad Of A Dead Soulja

Text písně Ballad Of A Dead Soulja

Yeah, ballad of a dead soulja 
Its just the balled of a dead soulja 
This is the ballad of a dead soulja 
Ballad of a dead soulja 
[Verse 1] 
The plan 
to take command of the whole family 
Though underhanded 
to be the man it was planned 
all my road doggs 
official mob figures 
love to act up 
the first to bomb when we rob niggaz 
I could be 
lost in my own mind 
to be the boss only thoughts 
grippin chrome nines 
niggaz get tossed up 
war scars battle field memories 
swore saw the devil in my empty glass of Hennessey 
talking to a nigga on a tight leash 
screaming fuck the police 
as I ride through the night streets 
little child running wild 
towards his danger 
what's the cause 
don't be alarmed death to all strangers 
maybe I'm a mad man 
a pistol grabbing nigga 
unleash the sand man 
promise a merciless retaliation 
nothing is colder 
close your eyes 
hear the ballad of a dead soulja 

(Thug for Life I will lead) 
Its just the ballad of a dead soulja 
(A Life of Crime I will lead) 
Close your eyes, hear the ballad of a dead soulja 
(If you play the game you play to win) 
This just the ballad of a dead soulja 
(it's a crazy world full of sin) 
Close your eyes 

[Verse 2] 
Completely lost 
revenge at all costs 
pay backs a bitch 
switch now the tricks crossed 
tossed up and never to be heard of 
a single witness screaming bloody murder, murder 
tell me homey what ya see now 
a blind man and a dead body 
I'm meant to leave town 
And get my cash though 
Hook up wit Kastro 
Homey had to blast on the task force 
Stupid coppers tryin' to play us out 
'member that 
they took my money and my stash 
time to get it them back 
I pull my secret arrival 
2Pac four fives (.45) time for survival 
death to my rivals 
tell me what you want lord? 
Nobody laugh after the death of a drug lord 
the situations critical 
Nothing is colder 
than hear the ballad of a dead souja 


[Verse 3] 
Be a coward put your hands to the moon 
when my glocks rang out 
them niggas came out 
who wanna see me in a challenge 
so merciless I'm terrifying niggas in my ballad 
do u feel me? 
capo or capi-tan 
one day ill be the Don 
until then I remain strong 
my only fear of death is reincarnation 
busting at my adversaries like a mental patient 
To all my niggaz facing sixty years 
Sheding tattoo tears 
another suicidal on the tier 
take a private plane 
trying to survive the game  
for all my homies that'll never be alive again 
All they promised us is death nigga 
take a breath could be the last one left nigga 
its real now, uh 
feel it and fantasize 
ain't nothing colder 
listen you can hear it, the ballad of a dead soulja 


This go out to Kato 'n Mental 
(This is the ballad of the dead soulja) 
All the niggaz that have passed away 
(Close your eyes, Ballad of a Dead Souljah) 
Mutulu, Geronimo, Seyku 
All the down ass ridahz 
All the niggaz that put it down  
All the souljaz 
All the niggaz that go through that day to day struggle 
(This is the ballad of the dead soulja) 
All the niggaz that passed on 
All the niggaz with ambition and money in their heart 
All the niggaz want some and that dont take none, hahaha 
(This is the ballad of the dead soulja) 
The police is so scared of us 
All the feds, they aware of us 
They wanna see us dead,  
They got pictures of a nigga hit 
(Ballad of the dead soulja) 
Try and see me in chains 
Shit, them niggaz will never breath again 
Before they put me in a cell they'll see me in hell 
(Cos this Ballad of the dead soulja) 
Got my pistols cocked 
Run the whole mutha fucken block 
Fuck the cops 
The police? We run these streets nigga 
(And this Ballad of the dead soulja) 
Heh, these niggaz cant see me 
Half the world wanna be me 
Shit, it ain't fair 
But nigga-you know 
It's the ballad of a dead soulja


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