Balls in Your Mouth

Text písně Balls in Your Mouth

Cruisin through town in my jacked up truck
Eyes open cuz i'm scopin for a big butt slut
One that i can take straight back to my house
And that will suck my dick and put my balls in her mouth
Now get get with it look across the street
I seen a skinny in a skirt boppin to the beat
So i gapped up my 40 stuck it under my seat
Rolled up on the freak and i started to speak
But before i could talk, she goes and grabbed my dick
Licked her lips and started talkin that porno shit
She said look here i know you're kid rock
then whispered in my ear ("I wana swallow your cock")
Well blow me up and then blow me down
cuz i think i just found the biggest freak in town
and now i cant wait to get her back to my house
set her on her knees and put my balls in her mouth

balls in your mouth
ballls in your mouth
(you want my balls in your mouth) 2x

went back to my crib with no delay
big grin on my gril with not much to say
except hey yo bitch hows about
i drop my drawers and put my balls in your mouth
then it was like straight audible porn
she dropped to her knees and started blowin my horn(horn blows)
and after that, without a doubt
she opened up wide and put my balls in her mouth
next the cutie started rubbin my back
and she put her finger right between my bootie and crack
so i grabbed her wrist quick and said hold up slut
"ain't nobody stickin nuttin in my butt"
now right then i knew i had a hoe and a half
and all that i could do was sit back and laugh
stare at the ceilin thinkin about
this chick i just met's got my balls in her mouth

Balls in your mouth
balllls in your mouth
(you want my balls in your mouth)

After i busted my nuts i drove her to the cut
she said ("i hope you dont think that i'm a big slut..
..and please don't tell anyone wat we've been through")
the next day i told the whole fuckin crew
spread the news to the whole damn town
and to that chick, it musta got back around
so i told the hoe sorry and tried to make our mends
but she tried to front me in front of my friends
runnin off with her lip talkin all that shit
that i'm a bitch i'm a prick and that i gotta small dick
i just waited til she walked away to shout

balls in your mouth
ballls in your mouth
(you want my balls in your mouth)


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