Between You And I

Text písně Between You And I

Between You and I 
 And the stars that light up the sky 
 Nothing and no one would ever know 
 Galaxies high 
 You take me so far away 
 As we journey through tonight 

 All I ever need 
 Is you to take this crown 
 Just lay me down 
 All I have 
 Is you to pull me through 
 This world that I knew 
 My love, between you and I 
 Baby just can't stop loving you 
 Your kisses are haunting my head 
 Between you and I darling 
 Nothing could get better baby 
 I just love when you call me lady 
 Boy you know it drives me crazy 

 Violets are blue 
 Every color brings remnants of you 
 Reach out and touch what you can feel 
 Captivated so surreal 
 Drowning inside 
 Of your sorrow? so deep 
 As I'm lying here beside you 
 Infatuated I'm so weak 


 Baby please, say that you'll understand 
 That tonight is a night to love again 
 Sweet memories of kisses we throw? in the wind 
 And I'll cherish this quiet time we spend 



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