Bird Of Paradise

Text písně Bird Of Paradise

Stronger and stronger
shines the light,
the chains are broken,
You can see beyond the
stars when your heart
is open,
Ella Kielessa niovya lo
He ana ella kieleya

Touch the earth, bird of
One more time, before you
move into the flame,
Casting no shadow before you
as you cleave the boundless
Stop my heart here forever
Bird of Paradise!

Stronger and stronger
shines the light –
Ella Kielessa
We are are one light,

Touch the earth, Bird of
Skyward bound, far beyond
the edge of time,
Through this window of
Eternity is shining the way
back to Heaven
Bird of Paradise!

Ella Kielessa
We are One Soul
We are One Light


Diskografie Sally Oldfield – Sally Oldfield