Text písně Black cat

All the lonely nights I spend alone

Never 'round to love me

You're always gone

'cause you're hangin' out

Breakin' the rules

Oh the man has come

Looking for you

You're a rebel now

Don't give a damn

Always carrying on

With the gang

I'm trying to tell you boy

It's a mistake

You won't realize

'til it's too late

Don't understand

Why you insist

On ways of living such a dangerous life

Time after time you stay away

And I just know that you're telling me lies


Black cat nine lives

Short days long nights

Livin' on the edge

Not afraid to die

Heart beat real strong

But not for long

Better watch your step

Or you're gonna die

You're so together boy

But just at a glance

You'll do anything

If given a chance

Scheming, plannin' lies

To get what you need

So full of promises

That you never keep

Don't you tell yourself

That it's okay

Sick and tired of

All of your games

And you want me to stay

Better change

Makes no sense to me

Your crazy ways

Repeat Chorus


Diskografie Janet Jackson – Janet Jackson

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