Text písně Bounce

Tempo has reached critical level
Tempo has reached critical level

Ooh I like you... 

C´mere girl, c´mere girl, c´mere girl, bounce
C´mere girl, c´mere girl, c´mere girl, bounce
C´mere girl, c´mere girl, c´mere girl, bounce
C´mere girl, c´mere girl, let me talk to you

[Verse 1 - Timbaland]
Let me see them big tittie
Don´t act saddity you ain´t pretty
Break bread if you wanna get wit´ me
All I wanna do is dig off in them kidneys
Tell ya boyfriend he better mind his business
´Fore he end up in the trunk of my Bentley
I am still a boss, he can´t hit me
He ain´t got enough paper to deal wit´ me

Baby girl wanna two step wit´ me
Turn around rub ya ass up against me
Whoa, lil´ mama done got tipsy
And then tonight, tomorrow you´re history
All you haters wit´ that hoe sh*t miss me
I stay strapped security don´t frisk me
Set it off ´til this muthafu*ka empty
I turn around do the same sh*t next week
Come on

[Chorus] - Timbaland & (Justin Timberlake)
Bounce (Like yo´ ass had the hiccups)
Bounce (Like we was ridin´ in my pick-up)
Bounce (Why you lookin´ so sad? baby girl you need to cheer up)
Bounce (I got the remedy, it´s you on me and me on you
And you on me and me on you and you on her
Then her on me and her on you and y´all on me
Then me on y´all and y´all on me
Menage a trois, menage a tr-uh-uh)

[Verse 2 - Dr. Dre]
OOH! There she go
Just what the Doc´s been lookin´ fo´
She just what I need
Black and Chinese like Sum Yung Ho
I got a bungalow
We can diappear for a week or so (Yeah)
I got a steady young flow
Super bowl wit´ it like I´m Dungy yo (Oh)

Yes, congratulations, you won a millionaire invitation
Sorry I´m so demandin´
But save the dancin´, for back at the mansion and
Ain´t, this money handsome? 
Ain´t, that a panty anthem?
I kill me, just like you, from the back you´ll see

[Chorus] - Timbaland & (Justin Timberlake)

[Verse 3 - Missy Elliott]
Hold up! Hell naw! Like Britney Spears I wear no draws
In the club I drink it up, gulp gulp drink it up
Got Patron sippin´ in my cup, that´s ya man I bet I can make him look
When he see the jugs he wanna rush and get a quick touch of the big ol´ butt
Mmhmm big ol´ butt, thick legs, big ol´ jugs, legs stick like rims on the truck
Take him to the crib, yep, we gon´ fu*k, 
You can call me a freak I like to get buck
I don´t have to do much to make you get it up
Some young hoe she worth two dollars
I´m worth more dollars that make a beauty parlors
I pop collars, c-c-c-collars, I don´t buy shots I only buy the bottles
Only rich girls, we only buy the bottles
And like a porn star I´m best when I swallow

[Chorus] - Timbaland & (Justin Timberlake)


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