Bringin' It Back

Text písně Bringin' It Back

If I can never see you, if I can never hold you 
If I can never touch your face or feel your warm embrace 
I still remember talkin', I still remember laughin' 
I still remember lovin' you a lot and touchin' you 

Only bringin' it back, only just bringin' it back 
A familiar face, a familiar face just brings it all back 
Everything's bringin' it back, good songs bringin' it back 
Even after so much time, everything's bringin' it back 

Thinkin' in my solitude, wonderin' about your attitude 
Thinkin' maybe that your love has died 
There it is, I can see it in your eyes 
A look of sweet surrender, a touch of too much sadness 
'Cause I've hurt you so, you know your sorrow shows 
You just can't stay, but you can't let go


Diskografie Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley