Text písně Closer


As close as the sea is to the seashore
Tide still rises twice a day
That's just the ocean's way of getting
Closer, closer.

As close as today is to tomorrow
At midnight they can fin'lly touch
Cause every minute brings them that much closer

So on this silent night
I call your name
And suddenly all time and space between us disappears

I see your face in firelight
I hold you close in memory
And even though you're gone
I know you're here

As close as the glow is to the ember
You've always been a part of me
Now living in my heart you're even closer


As sure as there's snowfall in December
Your love lives in everything
Summer Winter Fall or Spring
Every thought of you will bring us closer
The distance may be large or small
Someday I pray that we may all be


Diskografie Barbra Streisand – Barbra Streisand