Crazy Cool

Text písně Crazy Cool

Sitting, chilling, thinking about you babe
You're like a long, cool glass of lemonade
Bitter, sweet and I want you so bad it hurts
You complete my life
And you quench my thirst, sexy
Sexy feelings just come over me
Playing with my dress like a summer breeze
Gentle as the touch of a falling leaf
You open me up to love
Now I gotta believe, gotta believe
Nothing's too good for my baby
Anything you want be free
It's the least that I can do
What you've given me, given me
Cause I'm cool, Crazy cool
Crazy cool with you
In this groove
Crazy groove
Baby act a fool
Hey I'm cool,
Crazy cool
You're crazy cool with me
In this groove
Crazy cool
Everything you need, sexy
Laying in the grass
Writing poetry
Looking up at the midnight sun
While you're making love to me
You showed me just how cool
Crazy cool can be
Now I know meaning of ecstasy, ecstasy