Text písně Devil In You

I know where you been
you're in danger
you been livin' in sin
I don't want your apology
it's gotta be your destiny
'cause you been messin' with
the wrong crowd

ain't no doubt

tailor made
you're runnin' tough and you
ain't afraid

I know the devil in you
I know what's comin' to you
I know the devil in you
I know what's comin' to you
callin' you, callin' you

I see you ain't been gettin' no sleep
you better stop
you're gettin' in too deep
don't you know you gotta compromise
you look like you been hypnotized
you gotta face it now
the damage is done
you gotta take it like a man now, son
won't you get down on your knees
you gotta pray boy, can't you see

I know the devil in you...

tell me you are satisfied
callin' you down deep inside

take a look, take a look at yourself
they're takin' bets about your health
so listen up, what are you gonna do
you gotta change your attitude

I hear the devil knockin' at your door
he's been lookin', and you know what for
you better watch, you better watch your back
or you'll be fallin' right off the track

I know the devil in you...


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