Text písně Disconnected

Sleeping awake, and awake when I'm sleeping 
I've gotta dry kind've thirst when drenched 
On sunny days, all I can see is a shadow 
I'm not above being under 

I'm at the brink, though I know that I'm empty 
I always hide when it's my turn to seek
My only belief is not to have faith in believing 
Before I begin, I'm over 

Broken off again 
And I'm only not lonely when I'm lonely by myself 
Numb, in pain again, I always backtrack forward 
Cause all in all, I'm disconnected 

Quietly loud, while I'm noisily silent 
Keep holding my breath while I'm trying to breathe 
Swimming against all of my waves and rapids 
I only win when I'm losing 


I just wanna live my life sedated 
Cause I love driving myself away 
Disfunctionally sane, don't give a damn 
I can't comprehend what I understand 

[chorus 2x]


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