Everybody's Talking My Baby Down

Text písně Everybody's Talking My Baby Down

People are sayin' 
That boy is gonna hurt you 
His kind of love is not for real 
He's only playin' 
Foolin' with your heart girl 
But I know how he makes me feel 
And I don't need any other proof 
They just don't understand 
They don't know the truth 

Momma says he's bad for me 
Poppa says I'll be sorry 
Everybody's talkin' my baby down 
And all my friends doubt him 
Tell me I should live without him 
Everybody's talkin' my baby down 

He's not like the others 
Nobody wants to see it 
They don't even wanna try 
Judge a book by its cover 
And you'll never know the story 
There's so much more than meets the eye 
Oh and I know his heart is true 
I don't need anyone 
To tell me what to do 

My sisters and my brothers 
Tell me I should find another 
Everybody's talkin' my baby down 

Oh but they can't feel his touch 
They can't feel his kiss 
They don't know what it's like to be loved like this 
I don't care about their point of view 
'Cause it's understood 
When the love is good 
Nothin' else is gonna do 


No they don't know what he's all about 
Everybody's just wanna talk my baby down 
No they can't see that his heart is gold 
Everybody wanna treat my baby so cold, so cold 



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