Eye On You

Text písně Eye On You

I couldn't close my eyes 
I stayed up all night 
I thought of promises 
You gave me for life 
Your words were racing through my head 
"forever together" 

I just remembered that you swore 
You won't lie 
'cause you're in love again 
There's nothing to hide 
Of all the other ones you've had 
Baby you can't fool me, 

I take no prisoners 
I have no demands 
But baby let me make you understand 

I don't know 
What you did last night 
Keep your secrets, maybe I'll keep mine 
Watch your step 
Like I told you to 
I'm keeping my eye on you 
Keeping my eye on you 

You got the best of me 
I think that's alright 
But don't you mess with me 
You'll never survive 
'cause there's a part of you I feel 
That drives me crazy 

I've learned to trust myself 
And nobody else 
It's in the way you look at me 
I can tell 
You try so hard to make me feel good 
Baby I don't buy it 

I take no prisoners 
I have no demands 
But I don't want a lover second hand 


I take no prisoners 
And I don't take a chance 
I'd pull the trigger 
And you'd understand 



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