Feel For The Physical

Text písně Feel For The Physical

There ain't nothing in the rules
Of the schoolbook, Baby
On how i like to be touched
No lessons on the way to be
A lover to me
I keep it hush, Baby

I never let it down my defences, Baby
But you crossed the line
No i don't know how you do what you do
But you do it so good
It blows my mind

Baby, you've got feel for the physical
Stripping away my self-control
The soul in your hands
Is a miracle
You are unreal
How you'd get your feel
For the physical
Feel for the physical
I feel it / Can you feel it baby?

I've seen poetry in motion, baby
It don't move like you
Only the devil could raise the
Heat a hundred degrees
And stay so cool
There's no way that i'm the first
To tell you
But i wanna be the last
'Cause i love the way
You do what you do
So slow, so true
I'm gonna hold on fast
Oh, Baby

I, I'm no easy prey
But you found the way
To turn my private light
You touch me so deep
I don't wanna sleep
I want you all night

Can you feel it baby?
So do it, so do it


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