Fight Apartheid


Text písně Fight Apartheid

You in a me land 
Quite illegal 
You're in a me land 
Dig out me gold 
In a me land 
Digging out me pearls 
In a me land 
Dig out me diamonds 

We a go fight(3x) against apartheid 
We got to fight(3x) against apartheid 

You're in a me land 
And you build up your 'partment 
You're in a me land 
You build up you're regimes 
You're in a me land 
Only talk 'bout justice 
You're in a me land 
Handing down injustice 


You're in a me land(Precedes each line below) 
You no build no school for black children 
No hospital for black people 
You build your prison 
You build their camp 


Africa's for black man 
There certain place in Africa 
Black man get no recognition 


You cross the border 
You shoot off the children 
Cross the border 
Shoot down women 
Cross the border 
You take your might 
Cross the border 
To beat for right 


As for majority 
Majority rule, yea 
Who need minority 
But that couldn't rule, yea 


You break off 
Break off from Britain 
You're quite illiegal 
Right where you are 
You get your forces 
From colonial powers 
Taking my diamonds 
Filling ballistic missiles 



Peter Tosh

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