Focus [Remix]


Text písně Focus [Remix]

I'm focus man yo Free why don't you holla at me man

Now who else but me slim waist with that swag
Get on G five plans and fly fast
If it ain't G's no I'm not there
I've been on TV straight for five years 
Lets keep it real I cant lie to yall my eyes are now something like binoculars
You put a dollar on my hand I'ma part of any plan 
I'm focus yall niggas need to holla at me man

[Verse 1] 
He use to touch me, love me, 
Hug me, kiss me, Hold me everyday. 
I never thought that I'd be finding out 
That you gave your love away. 
Now how do you expect for me to 
Stay, wake up, 
Everyday with this on the brain. 
So Imma say thanks 
And Imma be on my way. 

Now I've got my head right. 
I can finally say good bye 
To all the lies, and the lonely nights 
So focused 

Now I've made up my mind 
You were just a waste of time 
But now I'm fine 
Cuz I'm focused you out of my life 

I'm focus now 
I'm focus now 

[Verse 2] 
I never thought that 
You would treat me 
Like I'm just another girl. 
Thought I was something to you 
Something new. 
Its me and you against the world. 
But now i see this wasn't real 
Just another game tryna play the field 
So Imma let go 
And Imma move on my own 


I'm focus now 
I'm focus now 

Not concerned about 
What nobody else gotta say 
Just do what you do 
Cuz they gonna talk anyway 
Just stick with what you do 
But remember to 
Do it just for you 
So don't even waste ya time 
Keep it out cha mind 
And stay on ya grind 

Now you all should know I'm focused so boy don't try to tell me
In that 4 door Bentley its oh so pretty they call me a gorilla when I'm on my grizzly
And I don't need a honey to be all that I can be
Last seen on the cover of KING by the way names Free but yall still gotta pay
Those ones I'm making it just explains that I'm focus
And that's an under statement and I don't know what someone was thinking 
If I'm not mistaken I heard his little heart was akin he aint sleeping the same the people done changed
You dead nigga the reaper came and now sad nights but we can have a bed fight
Get the head right every night 
Do what you supposed to do playa I approach you cause I'm so focus now nigga 

[Chorus 2x] 

I'm focus now 
I'm focus now


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