Text písně Gestation Mythos

She became filled earlier

As the late of destiny carved her creation

To the unsuspecting few

Holding in and hiding the pregnancy

She continued the dance, she moved

A year before now the dance would draw to an end

And the cleansing would need to begin

This next breed would be the bridge into the millenium

I was brought in then

I was then blessed to aid the midwives

Thirty nine weeks crawled

And it seemed as if this walk would never run

Until she pulled a plushe filled push

And out from her came them

Each a radiant distinctive

Familiar as I have never seen in gazes before

They were filled blessed like thrills

I wondered their names as she thought

To me a thought in confidence

That she would make the news known soon

Dispelling shame

She assured me of no crime

As I was lost in the beholding

When the world looked upon

The coven they wondered the father

They suspected the mother, they insulted

For some connection

When in fact they were the bond

It took a moment as they would find individual lovers

Out of each of the babies

I looked on, hoping they would understand the growth

Not quite sure if I'd ever begin to myself

I would soon learn that ones here before me

Would usher in the next trinity of beings

I would soon learn that this

Was the scratch on the surface yet to be formed

Was I prepared? This would begin the domino effect

Of a million questions unanswered