Text písně Ghosts

The air is heavy, and the lights lead somewhere 
far away,
and the night is, uh... 
and I'm headed into another black coffee 
Nights like this I feel the weight of history,
and I hear somebody explaining it in my ear up close, 
all these 
The coffee cup-- 
that one with the lipstick stain--
is on my mind:
a dried coffee ring, a ring around the moon,
and neon 
in a haze.

I figured that tears is nothing
when I see a floodplain stretch out 
in the moonlight--
and the river of blood that flows thru it.
They tore down the Wilson-Shute last year and built up a new one
but I will not cross that bridge.
I know why. 
And I don't know.
I know. 
And I don't know.

In this way it had to end.
There comes a time when people don't understand,
when the stones will speak in a strange language,
and all those dreams, 
all those fears and hopes,
won't make any sense
any more.
Something tired, 
something weary, 
something hurt 
hangs in the air: fearsome,
and they leave the lights on 
in this town 
all night 
for fear of the darkness. 

When you're young you learn to love 
the thing that is despised, 
that is unloved itself 
and unwanted.
And you may come to dream a dream 
and see a vision of a future that will never be.
But what if the vision is too strong 
and the vision comes at an age 
that's too young? 

So what does happen to the dream deferred?
Does it shrivel like a raisin in the sun?
I know. 
And I don't know. 
We all live in ghost towns one way or the other.
Each of us lives in a ghost town.
And they leave the lights on 
in this town 
all night 
for fear of the darkness,
and a radio is playing all night 
for the fear of silence,
the silence of someone's 


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