Text písně Gospel Changes

The Prodigal Son he´d been away awhile 
He was working his way back home again over many a ragged mile 
When he finally crossed the river 
And his Father saw him near 
There was a joyful sound 
For all the world to hear 
I listened to what the Good Book said 
And it made good sense to me 
Talkin´ `bout reapin what you´re sowing 
And people trying to be free 
Now we got new names and faces this time around 
Gospel changes, Lord still goin´ down 

Jesus he did not doubt his gift 
Though he knew that he had not long to live 
He took care of the business of teachin´ us how to fly 
Then he bowed his head, and lay down to die 

Jerusalem I see you standin´ high 
But if you lose your salvation, they´re be no tears left to cry 
Now some men worship a golden calf 
While others are bought and sold 
And if we live like that, brother we pay the toll 


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