Grandma´s Feather Bed

Text písně Grandma´s Feather Bed

When I was a little bitty boy just up offa the floor 
 We used to go down to grandma's house every month end or so 
 We'd have chicken pie, country ham, homemade butter on the bread 
 But the best darn thing about grandma's house 
 Was the great big feather bed 

 It was nine feet high and six feet wide and soft as a downy chick 
 It was made from the feathers of fourty 'leven geese 
 took a whole bolt of cloth for the tick 
 I could hold eight kids and four hound dogs and a piggy we stole from the 
 We didn't get much sleep but we had a lot of fun on grandma's feather bed. 

 After supper we'd sit around the fire, the old folks'd spit and chew 
 Pa would talk about the farm and the war and granny'd sing a ballad or two. 
 I'd sit and listen and watch the fire till the cobwebs filled my head 
 Next thing I'd know I'd wake up in the morning in the middle of the old 
 feather bed. 


 Well, I love my ma, I love my pa, I love granny and grandpa too 
 I've been fishin' with my uncles, wrestled with my cousins, 
 I even kissed Aunt Lou (oo!) 
 But if I ever had to make a choice I guess it oughta be said 
 I trade them all plus the gal down the road for that great big feather bed 
 Yes I trade them all plus the gal down the road (mumble: "well maybe not the 
 gal down the road") 



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