Hearts On Fire

Text písně Hearts On Fire

Some other time 
Some other place 
We might not 've 'bin here 
Standin' face to face 

I just wanna tell ya 
Made up my mind 
You know I can't help the way I feel inside

Oh this heart's on fire 
Right from the start it's bin burnin' for you 
Oh this heart's on fire 
One thing honey - this heart's true

The streets are empty 
The lights are down 
Ain’t nothin' movin' 
This side of town 

So come on over 
I ain't hard to please 
Oh baby - what you get ain't always what you need 

Oh this heart's on fire 
It's gettin' hotter now can't you see 
Oh this heart's on fire 
From now on babe it's gonna be you and me 

Risin' to my feet I can feel the heat 
It's tryin' to pull me under 
Runnin' through the night we can make it right
It's comin' on like thunder 

Some got it good some got it bad 
But you're the best I ever had 
I never worry you're so fine 
From now on babe I'm gonna be by your side