Heavy Hitters feat GLC

Text písně Heavy Hitters feat GLC

Heavy Hitter for life 
Heavy hitters for life 

You rappers think I give a fuck about the way the day spit 
Want to be on my album but don't want me on they shit 
Everybody thought i was makin a compelation 
I was really makin myself they competation. 
Fresh off the plane form the all star game. 
Bone girls on t.v so it's all star trains 
Just picture man. No stichin man. 
somethin for the phiends fresh out the kitchen man. 
Last 9/11 I was poor on a half till I floored up my math 
Now it's Porsche 9/11 and I'm floorin the gas 
got a lot a problems money one that I not have no more. 
well Dame look at how everybody den changed 
all my niggas is bout to have it made 
tell j that i'm bout to change the game 
this makes everything else sound played 
goddamn Kanye! Kanye! Kanye! 
Now hold up. Ain't nobody messin wit me dog now you say it. 
Ain't nobody messin wit you at all 
I told dude you can't even rap on my interlude 
now does that make me as rude as Jude? 
When the album comin out man the people is askin 
Yall got motive adidas ya sick with the fashion 
Ya already got doe so ya spit for the passion 
the way ya rhymes give me Tribe Called Quest flash backs 
And let's not even bring up the tracks man 
nope nope let's not do that man 
ya eatin up the game like Pac man 
and got the whole world shakin just like crack phiends. 
Heavy hitters for life 
Roca fella is for life throw them diamonds up throw them diamonds up trow ya diamonds


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