Text písně He'll Never Know

They go off leaving me behind
They have so many worlds to find
I run to catch a glimpse of them
Just walking in the sun
Knowing they'll be mine again
When evening has begun

And when I see them hand in hand
The boy who walks beside the man
I pray that I will always have the world
That I have found
The husband and the son
That I have built my life around

He'll never know of that night long ago
He'll never know it's locked in my mind
No, he'll never know from the feelings I show
He'll never know his son's only mine

Sometimes I lie awake at night
Watching darkness turn to light
Thinking back on all the things
I said to him today
Wondering if I might of had
A careless word to say

When the morning's almost here he reaches out to draw me near
Silently I search his face for the love I hope to see
And once again I'm sure that all his love belongs to me




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