Text písně Hellacious Acres

[Performed by Kris Kristofferson]

Look who's advertising
Billboards everywhere
"See Hellacious Acres
Your tailor made nightmare"
Traffic is backed up for miles
Attendants welcome you with devilish smiles
Have your tickets ready
Steady... steady...
Go to hell
After dark
It's a sin-filled city
An amusement park
It's a one way ticket to the other side
It's a Dr. Jekyll and a Mr. Hyde
See Lizzie Borden, she's one of the stars
And Tricky Dicky barkin'
Flashin' you his pardon
Jack the Ripper slashin' your tires

Even the devil needs money
To cover his overhead
That's why he opened Hellacious Acres
Or so his press agent said
Hang out with heavies
Your partners in crime
Forget the consequences,
Have a good time
Have your tickets ready

Go to hell
After darks
It's a sin filled city
An amusement park
And a one way ticket to the other side
It's a Dr. Jekyll it's a Mr. Hyde
Get down and study suspicion and doubt
At Hellacious Acres
Listen mischief makers
Admission's free you pay to get out


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