Hello Sir (Poem)


Text písně Hello Sir (Poem)

Hello sir, remember me? 
I’m the man you thought I’d never be 
The boy who you reduced to tears 
Lad called ’thingy’ for six whole years. 

Yes, that’s right, my name’s bob 
The one who landed the pop star’s job 
The one you told, look don’t touch 
The kid who wouldn’t amount to much. 

Well, I’m here and you’re still there 
With a fake sports car and receding hair. 
Dodgy farah trousers that you think are smart 
Married to the woman who teaches art. 

Married to the life, married to the school 
I wanna sing and dance sir; now who’s the fool? 
Sing and dance, you thought I was barmy 
Settle down thingy, join the army. 

And who are you to tell me this? 
The dream I want I’ll have to miss 
Sir is god, he’s been given the right 
To structure lives overnight. 

Now I know life’s true path 
Tanks and guns that’ll be a laugh 
No, not me I’m a mega civilian 
I won’t lead my life riding pillion. 

But thanks for the advice and I’m sure it’ll do 
For the negative dickheads just like you. 
As for now I’ve a different weapon 
Stage and sceen is about to beckon. 

And here I sit in first class 
Bollocks sir, kiss my arse...


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