Text písně Honey, I'm Home

The car won´t start, it´s fallin apart
I was late for work, and the boss got smart
My pantyline shows, got a run in my hose
My hair went flat, man I hate that (hate that)

Just when I thought things couldn´t get worse
I realized I forgot my purse
With all this stress I must confess
This could be worse than P.M.S.

This job ain´t worth the pay
Can´t wait til the end of the day
But hey honey I´m on my way
Hey (hey)  Hey (hey) Hey hey hey!

Honey I´m home and I´ve had a hard day
Pour me a cold one, and oh, by the way
Hey rub my feet, get me something to eat
Fix me up my favorite treat
Honey I´m back, my head´s killing me
I need to relax, and watch TV
Get off the phone, give the dog a bone
Hey (hey) Hey honey I´m home

I broke a nail opening the mail
I cursed out loud `cause it hurt like hell
The job´s a pain, it´s so mundane
It sure don´t stimulate my brain


Hey rub my neck will you?

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!


I´m home!


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