How Deep Is Your Love

Text písně How Deep Is Your Love

I see that look in your eyes 
And I wish I knew what you were thinking 
You promised me to stay here forever 
But words can easily lie 
Have a little trust you said, don't be in a rush 
But my fears are not so willing 
Have a little trust, mmm 
Show me you feel tonight  

How deep is your love? 
My love is much higher than a mountain 
No one can help me when I fall
Shouldn't we stay together, save our dreams forever 
Let me feel the depth of your emotion 
How deep is your love  

I thought I knew you so well 
But the truth is I never got started 
I'm holding on while you keep your secrets 
Behind the light of your smile 
Tell me that you care and I'll say a little prayer 
Hold my hands on high to heaven 
If you really care, mmm 
Show me how you feel tonight


Diskografie Thomas Anders – Thomas Anders