Text písně I Cant Read

I can't read and I can't write down
I don't know a book from countdown
I don't care which shadow gets me
All I've got is someone's face

Money goes to money heaven
Bodies go to body hell
I just cough, catch the chase
Switch the channel watch the police car

  I can't read shit anymore
  I just sit back and ignore
  I just can't get it right, can't get it right
  I can't read shit I can't read shit

When you see a famous smile
No matter where you run your mile
To be right in that photograph
Andy where's my fifteen minutes


In the alternate version, the last two verses are interchanged, and the lyrics for the new second verse become (thanks Gilly):

Can I see a family smile
I can I reach tomorrow
Can I walk a missing mile
Can I feel, Can I please?


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