Text písně I'm A Be Alright

I had my dreams woken
Man I almost got some
I had my car stolen
Now my radios gone
I had this fine woman
I couldn't get none
It seems like the world is up against me
For something I've done
I still got my mind, still got my music baby
I'm a be alright [x2]
All of my bills are piling cause I spent what I owe
I wasn't invited to any parties, so I'm throwing my own
Can't get a job cause I ain't been lookin for one

I'm a be alright
I'm a keep on dancing
I'm a get the champagne all to myself
I'm a be alright
I'm a keep it moving
I'm a give this love all over the world
And on and on

Here she comes walking
She's fine as all
She's lookin at me bluffing
The sheeba can't tell
I'm on my mind
I sit at my radio all day baby
I'm a be alright