I Want Your Sex {part 2}

Text písně I Want Your Sex {part 2}

Oh so much love, that you've never seen 
Let's make love, put your trust in me (hmm)
Don't you listen to what they told you 
Because I love you, let me hold you 

Oh, I'm not your brother 
I'm not your father 
Oh will you ever change your mind? 
I'm a gentle lover with a heart of gold 
But baby you've been so unkind...oh 

Come on 
I want your sex 
Come on, I want your sex 
That's right, all night 
Oh, I want your sex 
I want 

Sexy baby's (Sexy baby's) Sexy body (Sexy body) 
Keeps me guessing (Keeps me guessing)
With a promise (Oh)
I know we can come together 
But the question is Will we ever? (ever?)

Together - you and me


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