(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena

Text písně (I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena

You take my love 
You want my soul 
I would be crazy to share your life 
Why can't you see what I am? 
Sharpen your senses and turn the knife 
Hurt me and you'll understand 

Chorus (x2): 
I'll never be Maria Magdalena 
(You're a creature of the night) 
Maria Magdalena 
(You're a victim of the fight, you need love) 
Promise me delight 
(You need love) 

Why must I lie? 
Find any price (an advance?)? 
When will you wake up and realize 
I can't surrender to you? 
Play for affection and win the prize? 
I know those party games too 

Chorus (x2)

Oh oh oh 
Oh oh oh 
Oh oh oh 

Chorus (x2)


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