Text písně I'm Real

Called you on the phone 
Said I'm coming through 
Hope you're all alone 
'cause I got plans for you 
We could stay at home or dance and hang all night 
As long as I'm with you 
It doesn't matter what we do 

Don't ask me where I've been 
Or what I'm gonna do 
Just know that I'm here with you 
Don't try to understand 
Baby, there's no mystery 
Cause you know how I am 

I'm real, what you get is what you see 
What you trying to do to me? 
If you want to say your mine 
Just be with me all the time 
When you're falling so in love 
Say you just can't get enough 
You're telling all your friends 
she's a bad bad bitch

You like the way I dress 
The way I wear my hair 
Show me off to all your friends 
Baby, I don't care 
Just as long as you tell them who I am 
Tell them I'm the one that made you give a damn 

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Refrain till fade out


Diskografie Jennifer Lopez – Jennifer Lopez