Text písně Innerspace

I see the scars of action all writhing ‘round your face 
Too much inactivity and home’s a lonely place 
Throw away your beauty, ‘cos you know that it won’t last 
Throw away your present, you’ve been living in the pas 

Come on, take a trip with me 
Across the bridge of lunacy 
Fire up some beast and ride the skywaves 

I’ve thrown away my images, they’re all so distant now 
Discovery was a stranger then, welcome to my house 
Whatever demons torture me, I love them like a friend 
Nothing lasts forever but the certainty of change 

I’d rather move around and be, than figure out life and what it means 
Fire up some beast and ride the skywaves 
Don’t wanna waste my time on you, if you can’t travel this way too 
Fire up some beast, we’ll ride the skywaves 

And when the fireball’s work is done 
and we are part of the nuclear one 
The whole damn thing begins again 
Our glory days have just begun 
A fiery sideslip, then we’re gone 
I’ll see ya monday morning 
Anyway, I’m coming back 
Anyway, I’m coming back


Diskografie Bruce Dickinson – Bruce Dickinson