Its Murda (Cable Guy Remix)

Text písně Its Murda (Cable Guy Remix)


i'll shove a gun in your grill 
grease it and heat it 
smother it in hot mustard 
so when i feed it to you 
it's easy to eat it 
you need to be immediately 
while you breathen 
and you'll be leavin 
in the recieven room 
in the seat of a jesus 
you hate on this 
we'll be waiting on eight corners 
swarming your hood with 
a thousand angry skateboarders 
i'll hop in a jeep 
and slam down on the gas 
and charge you 
and bombarde you 
in the car that your mom bought you 
fucked around and get choked 
and found remote 
floatin around 
down face down 
in a boat 
i'll pile five dudes 
and a tentor will pull up 
to a seven mile drive through 
in mcdonalds and pile drive you 
i've got the power 
to snap the driver 
out of his 
zeddy bower 
while he drives by it ninety miles an hour 
this place is my house 
i might as well erase my face with white out 
cause y'all can't see me like mace's eyebrows
(where you at?) 
climbed out of a nice house through the front window and heard this guy shout 
( Hey!! thats my couch) 
pulled a nine out during a rhinebout while i'm rippin the shit with a clip 
and i spit 5 rounds and murder you ho's worse than a convertable flippin vertical nose 
first with the top off landing upside down. 
Or get tied down with duct ape, 
fuck rape i'd rather just hump a sluts legs with my nuts shaved


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