It's Time For Christmas (Christmas Mix)

Text písně It's Time For Christmas (Christmas Mix)

it' s time for christmas, we are singin for the world
let' s live together, in harmony
it' s time for christmas, it' s time to heal the world
let' s come together, it' s christmas time

a star appeard up in the sky
it was the night of a new born child, the birth of a betther world
since this holy night we are all celebrating christmas

you will find you' re way home, together with friends you will never walk alone
in all this wonderfull places, different colors, different faces
in the silent night, no more pain let' s stop the fight
like a place on earth, it' s christmas time it' s jesus birth

for the human race, to make the childrens world a betther place
for me and for you, heal the world and make a wish come true
is our love supreme, for now and forever what a wonderfull dream
makes the world go round, from the highest mountain to the deepest ground


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