Komrade Kiev

Text písně Komrade Kiev

I watch the paper every day

They drink the same cup of tea

I read the t.v. everyday

They deal the same cards for me

I turn my head now to the left

And see the marx upon your face

I turn my head now to the right

See the darkness of your light

I didn't see the flag you raised

Through the glory that we praised

There's a child that stands amazed

At the craziness we've paved

And the sun will shine through winter time

And I pray the rain will someday end the flame


Shoot komrade Kiev

That's what they say to me

Shoot komrade Kiev

Shoot komrade Kiev

That's what they're telling me

Shoot komrade Kiev

And through the pride and prejudice

You blind the truth you couldn't miss

For the target you have drawn

Won't bite the hand that cuts the arm

And when the story's finally told

That each man's heart was bought and sold

There was no enemy you see

Only the doubt in you and me

I know the sun will shine thru winter time

I pray the rain may someday end the flame


I've walked through mother Russia

In the cold of winter time

And I've seen

Every mountain that each man wants to climb

But I know -

Farewell to arms

That one day the sun will shine - o

Shoot komrade Kiev!


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