Text písně Let Knowledge Drop

Let knowledge drop 
Why should I be forced to play dumb? 
I know where I came from so I'm going to claim some 
But rocking to the top where the cream of the crop 
Suckers calling the cops but they can come and get dropped 
Stop think of the past the brothers that die for 
Sucker to try for never to cry more 
Tricks to hold his back but we'll see at the end 
He's a fake not a friend 
So he's thinking of when he can backstab grab or go your hole 
Now I know the reason we must excel 
Cause if we don't we'll end up in the cell 
Move on be strong with unity 
Cause that's the only way to build communities 
Lies are told but yo lives must move on 
And never stop open your mind to this rhyme and let it drop 

Drop that [3x] 
Let knowledge drop 

Yo I'm running so I refuse to stop 
Get sweated by them sell out cops 
And I wink cause I pin the opposition 
I'm on a mission to preach and teach to reach 
So listen up to the flavor I gave you now dropping it 
We folks know ballers know no stopping it 
Dropping knowledge like the ay bomb dilly as napalm 
I got you scared all you got to do is stay calm 
For the simple fact that I'm black and educated 
Proud of who am I and you hated 
So all I have tried for this many have die for this 
You see it and you hear it and you loving it 
Now you buying this always keep your head look to the mountain top 
Aiyyo rock and let knowledge drop 

Drop that [3x] 
Let knowledge drop 

People rush when I hype this because you can write this 
You constantly bite this 
Thought that you could get me but you sweating me too close 
Caught with the dope dose 
Now suckers get toast wondering who you tossed 
Cause you feeling the full force 
Like what you hearing so your checking with the source 
Tupac brother with the rhymes to rock on 
Dizzy gets busy by putting beats to drop on 
Amateurs get damaged if you try to attack me 
Suckers get jealous cause the girls get at me 
I'm not conceited but defeated I won't be 
As long as there's dope beats I'll never be lonely stop 
And let me breathe a minute 
Aiyyo Dizzy what's up put the base back in it 

Let knowledge drop [3x] 

By any means neccessary it's kind of scary 
Knowledge of the hands of adversaries 
Makes them the larger leader kind of guerilla control 
I was waiting for a prayer GOD gave me a goal 
I refuse to be busting like a sucker for I'm fighting like a titan 
And run you down like a truck 
I'll take a chance I go as far as rock can see 
Not mediocrity thinking security you got deal with me 
Knowledge appealed to me 
Pay back's a mutha if you steal from me 
The bass pumps as the speakers pop the house jump 
And knowledge drops 

Drop that [3x] 
Let knowledge drop 
Strictly strictly yea dope [till end]