Let Us The Infant Greet

Text písně Let Us The Infant Greet

Let us the Infant greet
In worship before Him fall
And let us pay Him homage meet
On this His festival.

Let us to the Infant sing
And bring Him of gifts rich store
Let us honour our Infant King
With praise for evermore.

Let us to the Infant kneel
And love Him with faithful love
And let our joyous anthems peal
For Him who reigns above.

Glad hymns in the Infant's laud
Sing we to Him while we may
In heaven where He is throned as God
Our service He will pay.

Be we to the Infant true
While we are dwelling on mould
And He will give us our wages due
A crown of purest gold.


Diskografie Loreena McKennitt – Loreena McKennitt