Text písně Lie To Me

I walkde in - you walked out
I knew right then - something was up
ya said 'don't ask me no questions - won't tell ya no lies'
it comes as such a surprise
think I'll close my eyes- to the pain
cuz tonight in don't wanna know where you've bin

so won't you lie to me
then I can't be mistaken
swear that you will lie to me
I don't wanna hear my heart breakin'

tell me things that I wanna hear
I don't give a damn if you and't sincere
baby just swear (baby just swear)
swear that you'll lie (swear that you'll lie) to me

you walked in - I walked out
baby this ain't waht - we've been about
if I touched your hand - would ya pull it away
was it something I didnd't say
I forgive ya all - the same
but tonight I dont' wanna know where you've been

you can't say the things you want
I won't let ya tell the truth
cuz I don't (cut I don't) give a damn (give a damn)
and I don't (and I don't) wanna know where you've been.