Leonard Norman Cohen byl kanadský hudebník, básník, romanopisec a kreslíř židovského původu. Již během univerzitních studií vydal v roce 1956 svoji první sbírku básní. Vedle poezie mu během šedesátých let 20. století vyšly také dva romány. První...

Píseň: Light As The Breeze

Leonard Cohen
The Future
She stands before you naked
You can see it, you can taste it,
And she comes to you light as the breeze.
Now you can drink it or you can nurse it,
It don't matter how your worship
As long as you're
Down on your knees.

So I knelt there at the delta,
At the alpha and the omega,
At the cradle of the river and the seas.
And like a blessing come from heaven
For something like a second
I was healed and my heart
Was at ease.

O baby I waited
So long for your kiss
For something to happen,
Oh something like this.

And you're weak and you're harmless
And you're sleeping in your harness
And the wind going wild in the trees,
And it ain't exactly prison
But you'll never be forgiven
For whatever you've done
With the keys.

O baby I waited...

It's dark now and it's snowing
O my love I must be going,
The river has started to freeze.
And I'm sick of pretending
I'm broken from bending
I've lived too long on my knees.

Then she dances so graceful
And your heart's hard and hateful
And she's naked
But that's just a tease.
And you turn in disgust
From your hatred and from your love
And comes to you
Light as the breeze.

O baby I waited...

There's blood on every bracelet
You can see it, you can taste it,
And it's, Please baby
Please baby please.
And she says, Drink deeply, pilgrim
But don't forget there's still a woman
Beneath this resplendent chemise.

So I knelt there at the delta,
At the alpha and the omega,
I knelt there like one who believes.
And the blessings come from heaven
And for something like a second
I'm cured and my heart
Is at ease.