Text písně Light of Some Kind

Wish I didn't have this nervous laugh
wish I didn't say half the stuff I say
wish I could just learn to cover my tracks
Guess I'm not concerned enough
About getting away with it

Every time I try to hold my tongue
It slips like a fish from a line
They say if you want to play
You should learn how to play dumb
I guess I can't bring myself
To waste your time

Cuz we both know what I've been doing
I've been intentionally bad at lying
You're the only boy I ever
Let see thru me
And I hope you believe me
When I say I'm trying
I hope I never improve my game
I would rather have these things
Weigh on my mind
Cuz at the end of this tunnel of guilt and shame
There must be a light of some kind
There must be a light of some kind

Musta have blown a fuse or something
It was so dark in my mind
She came up to me with the sweetest face
And she was holding a light of some kind
And I still think of you as my boyfriend
I don't think this is the end of the world
Maybe you should follow my example
And go meet yourself
A really nice girl

We both know. . .

In the end the world
Comes down to just a few people
For you it comes down to one
But nobody ever asked me
If I thought I could be
Everything to someone
There's a crowd of people
Harboured in every person
There are so many roles that we play
You've decided to love me for eternity
I'm still deciding
Who I want to be today

We both know. . .


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