Locked Up (Remix)~feat Styles P


Text písně Locked Up (Remix)~feat Styles P

(Verse 1-Styles P)
Locke'd up they wont let me out
and i had a long day in court shit stressed me out
wont give me a bail can't get me out
now im headin to the county gotta do a bit here
used to livin lugjurious, i dont wanna live here
the walls is gray the clothes is orange
the phones is broke the food is garbage
lotta niggas is livin with these circumstances
SP's the same, I still murk yo manses
drug money to rap money work advances
niggas ran and told i should of murk the cantas
got poped for murdered attempt
knocked me on deep block when i burning to hymph
had a brick in the stash hope they dont take it to
a furbent extent
locke'd up and they wont let me out
when i hit my cell block
niggas kno to dread me out

(Verse 2-Akon)
Im steady tryna find a motive, 
Why do what i do?, 
Freedom aint gettin no closer, 
No matter how far i go, 
My car is stolen, no registration, 
Cops patrolin, and now they done stop me, 
And i get locke'd up, 

They won't let me out, they won't let me out, (im locked up) 
They won't let me out no, they wont let me out, (im locked up) 
They won't let me out, they won't let me out, (im locked up) 
They won't let me out no, they won't let me out 

(Verse 3-Akon)
Headin up town to ria, 
Back with a couple keys, 
Caught a blocks on fire, 
Under covers dressed as fiends, 
Makin so much money, 
Ride up smooth and fast, 
Put away the stash, 
And as i sold the last bag fucked around and got locke'd up 


(Verse 4- Styles P)
Now that im locke'd up
i rap to set so
ima ride and die
and stay D blocked up
two toothbrushes up
who ever wanted with P
when i walk by nigga get up
cuz im locke'd up they can't get me out
i smoke a stick of hays when they stress me out
go and hit the bar when the rex be out
can't wait for the day that they let me out

(Verse 5- Akon)
Cuz visitation no longer comes by, 
Seems like they forgot about me, 
Commissary is getting empty, 
My cell mates getting food without me, 
Can't wait to get out and move forward with my life, 
Got a family that loves me and wants me to do right 
But instead Im here locked up


Cuz im locke'd up, locke'd up, locke'd up


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