Text písně Make Love

Uh boy, light my fire tonight 
Come on, feel the tryin inside 
Uh boy, we'll make our dreams come true 
Believe it, I know just what to do 
Let's dance baby you will be mine 
Let's kiss promise I'll take my time 
Oh jeah gotta learn to let go 
I just wanna get with your flow 
I make you come alive 
Just feel the heat inside 

Make love to me tonight 
And feel my body tight 
Make love to me tonight 
The stars are shining bright 
When it comes to passion 
Make love to me tonight and feel my body tight 

Boy you'll have to blow my mind 
I know honey, that is a grind 
You don't even what you've got 
You are really hitting my spot 
Uh boy all the way you're designed 
Just can't get you out of my mind 
Uh babe you'll be askin' for more 
Come on rock me down on the floor


Diskografie Jeanette Biedermann – Jeanette Biedermann