McGruff the crime dog

Text písně McGruff the crime dog

Thank you, Osama
You are the savior
of our economy today.
Now that the dot coms
choked on their stock frauds
Goldmine's Homeland Security.

Why not hire half the country
to spy on the other half?
No more unemployment
or privacy enjoyment
think of the dividends.

Who can we trust?
We trust McGruff The Crime Dog
our O.G. TV Narc.

Since you've accepted being drug tested
at work, at school, at play, ay home,
you'll each rejoice at
your new companion
who follows you everywhere you go.

Always dressed in a trenchcoat
and a McGruff doggie mask.
Never know who they are
kuz you know better than to ask.

Who can we trust?
We trust McGruff The Crime Dog,
total awareness.

He sees you when you're sleeping,
he knows when you're awake,
he knows when you've been bad or good.
So be good for the sake of
McGruff the Crime Dog
watching your every move,
your guardian angel in a doggie mask.

In bed while you're asleep,
no home invasions
beside you when you get it on,
no date rape.

Stick a thumbtack up your butt
when you're slacking on the job
we will protect our way of life.

Report all suspicious activity
turn in your friends,
keep your home terrorist free.

Take a bite out of crime.
Take a bite out of crime.

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