Text písně Me And You

[1st Verse:]
Could never except reality in which I was presented living this crazy life for real could make a girl damenced been on my
hands and knees praying to God for things to change but every single day it seems like things will stay the same but change
is for the worse cause at times I feel my life's a curse... but whose to blame infortations multiple bodies felt like rape watching
your whole life fade away playing this world like its a game when I'm wit you I feel no pain now tell me do you feel the same

Can I hold you down how it all so ground cause there not much I would do to keep you by my side its true my love for you is
all that can keep me strong but I'll hold that from you until you tell me what we have is true.[2x]

[2nd Verse:]
Sometimes when I think of all the things I've been through I wanna take myself but then I think of you if there one thing in
this world that I'd
rather do then to live and die or if its to be wit you and even though I show you love your still a lonely thug and even
when we share are dreams still it ain't enough is it me do I not reach your thoughts and when you get around the fellas do
you talk (about me) because you know all I do is think about of you do I love you ain't no way cause you cant even see me through
cause I live for you cry for you lie for you kill for you and on the real die for you every night before I lay I pray that you
get home safe and I cant think straight if I don't know you OK I wanna love you wanna hold you wanna kiss you wanna touch you
cant you see you are my issue

[Chorus: 2x]

We outta chase my better dreams cause I can see much bigger things with you Imagine me and you. [2x]

[3rd Verse:]
Imagine me and you against the world ain't no one that will go all night just boy and girl together we ain't trusting none it
ain't all fun but that's life we live in wont take what its given .


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