Text písně Mind Blowing

Hey, can you hear me? You drive me crazy,

I really don´t know how much longer I can stand it

Cuz you´re so sexy. Please be my baby.

I´m gonna give you everything you just ask me.

I can´t be static, need a medic, wanna get it.

I get mad just when I think about somebody else with you.

Girl, what you got, you gotta lot,

you make me hot. And everybody says:

oh man, this girl is really

Mind blowin´, blowin´ my mind,

She´s mind blowin´, almost a crime.

Mind blowin´, blowin´ my mind.

Mind blowin´, she´s mind blowin´.

What must I do for you? How can I get with you?

I need you by my side totally, baby.

I´ll give you all I can, I´ll get you in the end.

I want you in my arms, yeah, baby.


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